09 Nov 2020

2010 earthquakes

Most severely affected was Haiti, occupying the western third of the island. 6.6 New Britain region, Papua New Guinea. The epidemic reached the tent cities of Port-au-Prince in November 2010, and by 2016 it had sickened some 770,000 people and proved fatal to more than 9,200. Figures released by Haitian government officials at the end of March placed the death toll at 222,570 people, though there was significant disagreement over the exact figure, and some estimated that nearly a hundred thousand more had perished.

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2010-12-20 18:41:59 UTC 12.0 km. Without adequate reinforcement, the buildings disintegrated under the force of the quake, killing or trapping their occupants. Rescue efforts were at times hampered, however, by the potential dangers posed by the aftershocks. 2010-12-08 05:24:35 UTC 29.4 km.

The general disorder created by the earthquake—combined with the destruction of the country’s electoral headquarters and the death of UN officials working in concert with the Haitian electoral council—prompted Haitian Pres. A man carrying a child suffering from cholera to a treatment centre in Mirebalais, Haiti, June 2011. As the spring rainy season and summer hurricane season approached with reconstruction efforts having made little progress, residents of tent settlements were encouraged by aid agencies to construct more-substantial dwellings using tarpaulins and, later, donated lumber and sheet metal. Election observers noted fewer instances of fraud in the runoff, and voter turnout was higher.

The Haitian government’s official count was more than 300,000, but other estimates were considerably smaller. The Haitian government’s official count was more than 300,000, but other estimates were considerably … 2010 Haiti earthquake, large-scale earthquake that occurred January 12, 2010, on the West Indian island of Hispaniola, comprising the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Omissions? An estimated 100 or more people had been in the building at the time of the quake.

6.3 South Sandwich Islands region. Parliamentary elections were held in August 2015, and a second round, alongside a presidential election, was held in October 2015.

Though some provisional housing was erected before the onset of inclement weather, many persons remained in tents and other shelters that provided scant protection from the elements. In October 2010, cases of cholera began to surface around the Artibonite River. Omissions? Although there were few serious injuries and no fatalities, the quake and its aftershocks (some of them severe) destroyed hundreds of buildings in … In the devastated urban areas, the displaced were forced to squat in ersatz cities composed of found materials and donated tents. Updates? The focus of this temblor was relatively shallow, however, occurring only 3 miles (5 km) beneath the surface of Heathcote Valley, a suburb of Christchurch located on the Banks Peninsula. A woman walking down a devastated street in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jan. 20, 2010. 2010 Haiti earthquake, large-scale earthquake that occurred January 12, 2010, on the West Indian island of Hispaniola, comprising the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 2010-12-21 17:19:40 UTC 14.0 km. The UN asserted in February 2013 that it would not receive compensation claims related to the outbreak, citing its convention on privileges and immunities. In January 2011, Haitian officials announced the revised figure of 316,000 deaths. The 2010 earthquake was centred about 80–90 km to the southeast of the plate boundary through the island, probably on one of a network of smaller faults linked to the main faults that mark the plate boundary itself. Was Nikita Khrushchev a tsar of Russia? Survivors who were able to access the Internet—and friends and relatives abroad—took to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook in search of information on those missing in the wake of the catastrophe. However, there were still occasional recoveries of people who had managed to survive such confinement for weeks by rationing the meagre supplies available to them.

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The earthquake was generated by contractional deformation along the Léogâne fault, a small hidden thrust fault discovered underneath the city of Léogâne. Other towns in the area around Christchurch were seriously affected, although fewer lives were lost.

Hundreds of buildings in the central business district and some 10,000 dwellings were deemed to be unsalvageable, and it was expected that they would have to be demolished. The river—the longest on the island and a major source of drinking water there—had been contaminated with fecal matter carrying a South Asian strain of cholera bacteria. An exact death toll proved elusive in the ensuing chaos. Sort fact from fiction in this quiz of history makers.

Although some were rescued on the day of the quake, the search for others was suspended because it was thought that the remaining victims could not have survived; further, it was feared that the building’s remains were too unstable to be safe for rescue workers. The port town of Lyttelton, near the epicentre of the earthquake, sustained widespread damage to buildings, wharves, and other infrastructure. Map of the central part of New Zealand's South Island depicting the intensity of shaking caused by the earthquake of Sept. 4, 2010, and the strong aftershock of Feb. 22, 2011.

[5], A state of emergency was declared by Civil Defence for Christchurch and the Selwyn District. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. The city, already beset by a strained and inadequate infrastructure and still recovering from the two tropical storms and two hurricanes of August–September 2008, was ill-equipped to deal with such a disaster. Haiti had not been hit by an earthquake of such enormity since the 18th century, the closest in force being a 1984 shock of magnitude 6.9. [9], It caused a lot of damage and cut off power and water supply, mainly in the city of Christchurch. (At the time of the quake, Haiti la… In contrast to the main shock, this aftershock was generated by oblique thrust faulting (where one side of the fault is thrust upward over the other) along a different, undiscovered fault. Because many hospitals had been rendered unusable, survivors were forced to wait days for treatment and, with morgues quickly reaching capacity, corpses were stacked in the streets. More aftershocks occurred in the following days, including another one of magnitude 5.9 that struck on January 20 at Petit Goâve, a town some 35 miles (55 km) west of Port-au-Prince. In the second week of the aftermath, many urbanites began streaming into outlying areas, either of their own volition or as a result of governmental relocation programs engineered to alleviate crowded and unsanitary conditions. Waiting for treatment, Haitians suffering from cholera symptoms are helped by other residents, St. Marc, Haiti, October 2010. A runoff election was held on March 20, 2011, between the top two candidates: popular musician Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat, a legal scholar and the wife of a former president of Haiti.

Given the difficulty of observing documentation procedures in the rush to dispose of the dead, it was considered unlikely that a definitive total would ever be established. In December 2012 the UN, while not acknowledging that its troops had been vectors of the disease, announced that it would fund a program proposed by the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic to rid Hispaniola of cholera by instituting new sanitation and vaccination measures.

The following year the UN finally admitted to playing a role in starting the epidemic, though it did not say that the organization had caused the outbreak. The draft of a report commissioned by the U.S. government and made public in May 2011 drastically revised the estimate downward to no more than 85,000. The decrease was partly due to a Canadian-sponsored program that provided grants to some of the nearly 30,000 residents of the most-conspicuous camp—located near the collapsed presidential palace on the Champs de Mars—which allowed them to find rental housing or repair existing structures.

Other seismologists, however, suggested that stresses built up by these earlier temblors likely contributed to those of June 13, as well as to a series of shallow marine tremors ranging from magnitude 4.0 to magnitude 6.0 that shook the Christchurch area on December 23, 2011. Earthquake survivors reaching for water being distributed by U.S. Navy personnel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jan. 16, 2010. Voter turnout was low, and allegations of electoral fraud were widespread.

Both the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals of Christchurch suffered serious damage. Impromptu community efforts distributed food and helped dig out the property of affected residents.

…region were struck by a strong earthquake on September 4, 2010—about magnitude 7, centred approximately 20 miles (30 km) west of the city. A 2016 report by the organization Doctors Without Borders claimed that cases of cholera had likely been significantly underreported. In addition, less than one-third of the population was steadily employed. The report cited the absence of cholera in Haiti during the previous decade and the emergence of a parallel outbreak of cholera in Kathmandu, the city from which the troops had departed Nepal. [12], New Zealand sits on the boundary between the Australian and Pacific plates. Officials from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) later acknowledged inconsistencies in data acquisition. On April 21 it was announced that Martelly had won the election with some two-thirds of the vote. The 2010 Canterbury earthquake was a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake,[1][2] which struck the South Island of New Zealand at 4:35 am September 4, 2010 local time (16:35 3 September UTC). The capital remained without power for significant stretches during a given day because of stalled work on the electricity grid. The severest aftershock occurred at 12:51 pm on February 22, 2011. The epicentres of each of these events, which possessed moment magnitudes of 5.6 and 6.3, were located some 10 km (6 miles) east of Christchurch at depths of 9 km (5.6 miles) and 7 km (4.4 miles), respectively. Two years later, though roughly half of the rubble littering Port-au-Prince had been cleared and some damaged residences had been made habitable, more than half a million people remained in tents, many of which had deteriorated significantly.

[13], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "New Zealand earthquake report - Sep 4, 2010 at 4:35 am (NZST)", "Magnitude 7.0 - South Island of New Zealand: Details", "New Zealand Earthquake 2010: Strong Quake Shakes Christchurch", "New Zealand Earthquake Report - Sep 4 2010 at 4:56 am (NZST)", "New Zealand Earthquake Report - Sep 4 2010 at 11:12 am (NZST)", "Marlborough, Kaikoura escape worst of quake", "Strong earthquake rocks New Zealand's South Island", "State of emergency declared in Canterbury", "Magnitude 7.0 - South Island of New Zealand: Summary", Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits New Zealand, https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2010_Canterbury_earthquake&oldid=6787959, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, 2 seriously injured, approximately 100 total injuries.

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