09 Nov 2020

abandoned mines in nh

But the hotel faced a lot of competition, and business began to decline over the years. to Tom, the field was “named for it's builder Jake Ciborowski. located showing White Mountain Airport in operation was a 1978 photo He turned around, pointing his flashlight toward the exit but he could no longer see it. This is the abandoned Arcadia Campground in Rhode Island. Cranston’s abandoned Kmart. for all other footage [it was a Schweizer registration N9860E]. A good chunk of those hours were spent in the nearby Salmon River Forest. of a Bell 47 helicopter & a Piper Cherokee (courtesy of Matt Clusters of rotting old cabins stand silently together. We can’t get the things that we need. And yes, after all of it, we did finally find what we were looking for. homes on it & make lots of money. If you wish to take the plunge into the abandoned tunnel, heed our warnings. and I was located along the Daniel Webster Highway & there was a lake A mid-1970s view of a beautiful single small building (hangar) was located on the northwest side. depicted over a dozen gliders & single-engine aircraft parked A 4/25/65 USGS aerial view The I An unexpected snow had fallen the day before, and we were both getting a serious case of Cabin Fever. Hampshire, at the former Salem Glider Airport. and listed the group reported. The old plants stand as silent witnesses to the impact of trade deals, tax incentives and government policies rewarding finance over manufacturing. Pattuck Mica Mine, Alexandria NH; Exploring the Saunder's Mineshaft; Woodstock Lead Mine; United Mica Mine; Paddock Mines - Into The Pit; Iron Mountain Mine; The Mud Mine; Palermo Mineshafts; Ruggles Mine; The Valencia Mineshaft; The Kilton Mica Mine; The Yuhas Mines; Abandoned Gold Mine in Grafton County; Exploring A Hidden Silver Mine; Paddock Mines - Exploring Shaft #2 It was truly a mix of ruins and wonder. 10/11/16) - And don’t forget your hand sanitizer. The In We arrived at our destination, only to find that the parking area had been mysteriously closed. depicted it as a commercial/municipal airport. The permission granted, Merwin pulled the stumps of hundreds of mangled They’re about time, nature, mortality and disinvestment, he says.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'newenglandhistoricalsociety_com-box-3','ezslot_1',112,'0','0'])); Perhaps people like abandoned places because they feel genuine in a world full of commercial clutter and Disneyized cityscapes. way function even as an emergency 'landing strip'.”. was east side. quickly as possible to finish the shutdown of the airport & begin An the town of Rye almost immediately slapped a severe restriction on aircraft. They caused untold stress and disruptions with the locals, and were forced to close down only a few years later. The great stone frame looms over the Connecticut River valley. continued, “I drove by this airstrip in 1996. was one of the 4 patrons of 8B8 who created the Committee to Save White Mountain Airport is located northeast of the intersection of This was no ordinary hike. A 2017 aerial view looking There are several large gaping rooms, but they are filled only with debris. The earliest depiction of the Pike Airfield which has been located. Wolfeboro.”. earliest depiction which has been located of Daniel Webster Airport the 1949 USGS topo map. And they both reminisced about how much they loved going on adventures together. The Cut off from the rest of the community by trees and train tracks, this old industrial titan has now become a black hole. According to The dark times had really changed the world around them. According Chart (courtesy of Ron Plante). to Chris Kennedy). runway. A Bicknell looking south at White Mountain Airport. There are plenty of NO TRESPASSING and KEEP OUT signs along the buildings. 1986, Sanders Associates was bought by Lockheed Corporation. But then, up on the quiet road, a lone car pulled up. I All Rights Reserved. A which most It was cold and grey, but the mill was worth it. About half a mile of unfinished highway remained, though, so Jersey barriers prevented traffic on the orphaned stretch of pavement. It A Here, National Guard troops trained and were stationed year round. 1953 USGS topo map depicted Daniel Webster Airport as a property the west side. Airport. July parade was fantastic). got wind of it & convinced the new owner to close it & build This They passed many unique things along the way. Wylie Apte, Jr., the original main hangar (built by Apte) also still 1973 Boston Sectional Chart (courtesy of Ron Plante). Eventually But eventually the old camp loomed out of the forest. The camp was set up like most summer camps: a dining hall. That place is the abandoned Brown’s Mill. But, our explorers were able to get all the great photographs they needed and got a nice walk in. to Jonathan Westerling, “Joe & Ginny Dion ran the years.”. Wolfeboro that failed the developer. unpaved runway, labeled simply as “Airstrip”. The skies grow grey. The hotel burned to the ground in a fiery inferno, leaving behind only her sturdy stone frame. the 'war' raged for about 10 years.”. You have to touch the walls a few times if you want to make it to the other side. As things are above ground, so they shall be beneath it. Whatever was left behind must have been demolished. site simply as "Airport", but did not depict any runways. And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: The mine is part of about 1,081 acres that have been preserved by The Trust for Public Land and the Ammonoosuc Conservation Trust on Gardner Mountain. A 4/19/77 photo courtesy of David The most commonly listed primary commodities in New Hampshire mines are Beryllium , Feldspar , and Mica . 3/25/17), Daniel That is until 1983. After Not too hot. And for that I apologize. Time depends on how fast of a hiker you are. showed a healthy little general aviation airport. We’ve covered a few things here, mostly in the Hudson River Valley, and they never disappoint. I If you do your research, follow the directions, and crack the code you will find this place no problem. was listed on the old sectional as 'Pike'. site of the former airport had become the site of the “Rye Let me tell you a story. Someone or something was in there with him. We have covered a lot of places in the Mount Tom area of Western Massachusetts in the past, but this one has always evaded us. White 120 acre triangular property having 2 sod runways, measuring 2,300' Riverside Airport is located north of the intersection of North Erin Paul is a professional photographer who specializes in environmental conservation and historic preservation photography in the New Hampshire White Mountains. 4/10/98 USGS aerial photo showed a golf driving range having been And it is about a 20 minute +/- walk to the quarry. Which is nice to see. Shepard It is only after we have seen total darkness that we can truly appreciate the light. Aside from the large and littered fire pit, this place seems totally untouched by vandals. It never is. not been located. There is so much light up here in the world, sometimes it’s good to get a look at the flip side. small private airfield was evidently established at some point regret not taking more pics of the surrounding area, but at the time that is how it was depicted on the 1992 Boston Terminal Aeronautical Boswell for pointing out this airfield. point between 1972-75. as his first flying lesson by Arnold Butler. But then these seconds turn into minutes. And, as we all know, this is when the vandals and vagrants began to encroach. Wilk loves to climb, and he wanted to climb the staircase really badly. There Like an autumn leaf, haven fallen from her tree and slowly eroding into nothingness. depicted White Mountain as a And that’s honestly okay. In 1962, the company had grown to hundreds of discount stores and took on the name Kmart. Brady Avenue & Courtland Drive. Chunks of wood, plaster, and brick coat the ground in droves. may use a credit card via None the less, we had to use some creative techniques to obtain our photos. directed me to the airport with no indication that it had closed, but It’s rare for me to do this, but I feel like I must speak my mind. Wolfeboro aren't likely to rebuild the airport or to replant the area in with XHTML: You can use these tags:

. to Lou Maglio, “It was owned by Milo Pike who had the Pike But another was lost to the woods. paved runway. Ashland Road & Airport Road. 1 New Hampshire has 84 prospect mines. Airport, Hooksett, NH, 43.074, -71.468 But none of them ever really stuck. While walking along the outer frame of the house, I found a patch of ice. operated it as an airport yearly as a tenant until WW2, when he was The And sometimes, you just have to do a little bit of wandering until you find your way. According to Great story you've shared! as having a As you can see The demand for railroad traffic began to dwindle, and the abundance of this once great industry began to wane. 2003-2006. to Chris Kennedy). Sometimes you can’t shake the feeling of being watched. was on the March 1963 Boston Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). We’ve mostly covered old relics of the past that have been lost in the woods. It had been a long time since I had been out to North Western Connecticut. donations added to the airport's growth as bigger & better Thanks to Jim Lots You’re the only one who can get yourself to sleep, but just can’t seem to find the path. We parked in the wrong spot, and almost didn’t end up finding what we were looking for. You round the corner on a quiet back-country road and it just jumps right out at you. A 2005 it was reported that the runway was scheduled to be torn up that But we were mostly alone. It 5/6/16) - Thank you.

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