09 Nov 2020

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User reviews generally are positive and we are looking forward to getting another MiniWorks out for more testing, but regardless, we’ll take the lower weight and initial cost of the Katadyn.See the MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter. Given that their task is to remove contaminants from water, it should come as no surprise that many water filters need to be cleaned of this buildup. Instead of pumping, this system requires minimal effort, can filter up to four liters of water at once, and boasts a speedy flow rate of 1.75 liters per minute. Contact us now to have all of your tour-related questions answered!

All told, the Pure is intriguing, but it isn’t our favorite chemical purification option—we’ll stick with the more reliable chlorine dioxide for most applications.See the Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Purifier, Type: Bottle filterWeight: 3.6 oz.

But—similar to the Sawyer Squeeze—the Flex has a two-way design that can pull double duty as a straw filter, in-line filter (akin to the MSR Thru-Link above), and gravity filter.

Tried some amazing local food & saw some cultural events & had a great time.” – Prima D’souza, “Great concept combined with clear and efficient planning (activities and night outs) makes this an ideal choice for choosing a holiday. primaryClr: '#f47e27', Pump filters, unlike gravity filters, are great for using on the trail to filter a liter or two while hiking, and are adept at pulling water from shallow sources (we depend on them in Utah where it’s often difficult to scoop large quantities). Note: if you'd like to do a standard backpacking trip but prefer not to carry the gear, we offer porter services for $265 per porter per day. And for a simpler gravity setup, check out MSR's 10-liter AutoFlow XL.See the MSR Trail Base Gravity Filter System 2L. In the end, the LifeStraw Flex offers the all-in-one convenience of the BeFree alongside the versatility of the Sawyer Squeeze (without the need to buy any extra parts). For this reason, tablets and drops work best when you have easy access to good water sources like glacial streams. Are you a travel enthusiast? We want you to join our club!!

The current consensus is that filtering your water should be sufficient for the United States and Canadian backcountry. In addition, each tablet is individually wrapped and therefore can be modified for the specifics of your trip (with Aquamira you have to carry both bottles no matter the length of your trip).

Aside from cost, the MSR Guardian is not a small or light system.

Pre-filtering can be a great idea even if you’re using a filter to treat your water as it will mitigate potential clogging (more in the “Maintenance” section below).
The MSR Guardian is unique in terms of being a pump purifier due to the medical-grade fibers used in the filter. At just 3 ounces and $15, Aquamira is a liquid chlorine dioxide solution that effectively kills protozoa, bacteria, and viruses. Invite members and build your own personal community on Backpacker.com. Telephone UK +44 (0)113 868 2360 Skype euroventurechat, Stay connected, engaged, and inspired with Euroventure. Many backpacking filters on this list have a pore size of .1 or .2 micron, which is effective against protozoa (Cryptosporidium, Giardia) and bacteria (Salmonella, E. coli, etc. Plus, the bottle has a nice soft touch (albeit cold when full of stream water), and when empty, the BeFree system can fit in the palm of your hand. It all starts with chemical droplets and tablets, which are around 3 ounces total (or 6 ounces for iodine if you bring the taste neutralizing tablets) and take up almost no space in your backpacking pack. Head into the backcountry with REI Adventures on a fully self-supported backpacking trip. Many water filters and purifiers are able to remove bacteria, protozoa, and sometimes even viruses, but they won’t necessarily change the taste of the water. If the Sawyer Squeeze and Katadyn BeFree filters above have caught your eye, it might be worth taking a look at the LifeStraw Flex. Many filters used in gravity, straw, and bottle systems are inline filters, making them the most versatile in their class and one of the most popular styles today. Keep in mind that the SteriPen purifies but does not filter your water, and therefore you’ll want a good source. We’ve rounded up a convenient list below so you can start planning your dream holiday, whether it involves travelling across India or hiking and camping in Europe. Instructional videos are available online for almost every product on our list, and you should expect basic maintenance to be part of owning and using a water filter. Below you'll find a short selection of our favourites tours for backpackers exploring India. The design excels on long trail runs when water is readily available: the compact filter sits inside the HydraPak bottle (unlike the protruding Sawyer Squeeze), its wide mouth makes it easy to refill, and the whole set-up is a feather light 2.3 ounces.

The Katadyn is lighter at 11 ounces, but the MSR has a significantly longer filter life at 2,000 liters (the MSR is carbon/ceramic while the Katadyn is carbon). The organizers and event hosts volunteer their time and experience to make our trips as safe and smooth as possible, but we can’t do everything ourselves.
The MSR Thru-Link Inline is a prime example—it attaches to a hydration reservoir (dirty) on one end and a hose on the other (clean), and can be used as part of a hydration system or as a gravity filter.

Second, the soft flask isn’t as durable as the HydraPak included with the purchase of the Katadyn, and it’s only available in a small 0.7-liter size (although unlike the BeFree you can pair the Flex with most disposable water bottles).

This minimalist, one-handed pump allows you to filter water without laying on the ground (such as with a basic LifeStraw) or getting cold hands by filling up and squeezing bottles (as you might with the Sawyer Squeeze or Katadyn BeFree). By clicking “Accept All Cookies” you agree with the use of analytical and tracking cookies. The Pure Electrolytic comes with the same downsides of nearly all chemical treatment options.

And in comparing chemical treatments, it’s worth noting that despite being more difficult to use, Aquamira drops are considerably cheaper. But it's head and shoulders above the competition in performance and build quality. If your dream Eurotrip includes London, Amsterdam, Venice, and Paris, you’ll love this itinerary.

Join one of our backpacking tours for 18-30-somethings. The biggest downside of any chemical treatment is that despite the water being clean, it’s still unfiltered (in the Utah desert, for example, that may mean brown water with lots of critters). Looking for tour operators that specialise in backpacking trips in destinations like Europe, India, and beyond?

You’ll travel with like-minded backpackers and a knowledgeable tour leader in a small group of up to 20 people, allowing you to experience a more authentic side to each country.

From Italy to the Balkans, check out our full range of European backpacking tours in 2020. Type: Chemical purifierWeight: 0.9 oz.Treatment ratio: 1L per tabletWhat we like: Simple and light. Water filters take the form of cartridges with tiny microscopic pores that physically strain out harmful elements. But for short adventures and compatibility with your favorite water bottle, the LifeStraw Universal is one of the most convenient and user-friendly options here.See the LifeStraw Universal Bottle Adapter. Straw Filters All you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy the ride. To protect against protozoa, bacteria, and even viruses, there is a wide range of water filtration and purification systems built specifically for backpacking (many options on this list are great for day hiking, trail running, and travel too). Water filters do not, however, protect against viruses (Hepatitis A and the Norovirus, for example). For more information: European backpacking trips for college students.

We understand that everyone’s different, which is why our trips offer flexibilty for all.

Searching for a tour operator that specialises in backpacking trips?

Sawyer offers similar versatility with their 8.8-ounce Gravity System that incorporates the Squeeze, but it's a less convenient design with just one reservoir.

See the Aquamira Water Treatment.

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