09 Nov 2020

battlestar galactica scs

Bewitched. Supporting arms were also lacking. You can support this project via Patreon, and by spreading the word! 0 Replies You don’t seem to dispute that. For more details on this, see https://www.navalgazing.net/The-QF-Gun. ( Log Out /  The Soviet KV series was never as useful as the T-34 and it was replaced by the IS series, which was good for blasting positions that the T-34 couldn’t touch, but didn’t have the same mobility as the medium tank. The problem was that the roll period of the ship was almost exactly the same as the average period of waves in the North Sea, so each successive wave added more energy to the ships. They formed the lead ships of Cylon War era Battlestar Groups, and were represented in almost every major engagement of the War.… As an aside: I find the bow-bulge an unlikely design problem. Välkommen till Battlestar Galactica Fan Club It is a claim I’ve seen repeated in multiple places. Superfiring vertical turrets on the cheeks would let you batter ahead, or if the ship was turned on its side, also use the dorsal or ventral guns as a broadside attack as well while still using all the cheek guns. 1. (Note that this explanation is kinda simplified. Honestly, no, not really. I would say they have a far better understanding of gravity and the physical sciences enabling them to roll easily multi-million ton warships that can also survive their own acceleration. She was engaged in a public relations tour of the Colonies and outer territories and died over Tauron. Also, the expensive jump drive can then return to the mothership to be reloaded. Instead of mounting the guns in clusters on center of the ship, they could be mounted on the bow section, in superpositioned mounts (presumably with crew and command facilities moved to the center section of the ship). This would indeed make it very hard to plan for only engaging the enemy from one direction, and would indeed be a reason why mission-critical components should be duplicated and should not all be concentrated in one part of the ship if that could be avoided. This makes ‘everything able to fire forward’ critical. Jediné co jsem příliš "nepobral" jsou ty spoileroidní sestřihy před začátkem každé epizody. After almost four decades of peace, critics within and without the Adar Administration were complaining loud and long about the increasing cost and complexity of the Battlestar fleet, as well as their utility in any future conflicts particularly their utility for convoy escort. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Star Destroyers have a ‘main battery’ of superheavy beam weapons mounted in rows of ‘wing turrets’ at the port and starboard ‘corners’ of the hull, back near the superstructure and bridge tower. The torpedo changed all this when it allowed a small boat to threaten a battleship. I don’t really have the time at the moment to run that claim to ground. (2.6.2007), Bravúrne sci-fi, ktoré by vo filmovom vydaní pokojne mohlo ašpirovať aj na Oscara.Na rozdiel od iných žánrovo podobných seriálov sa nesnaží o kryštalicky čistú zábavu ale ponúka aj filozofický presah, ktorý je v tomto prípade ozaj príjemným oživením. Not sure how effective they were, though. The 12 Colonies are a mature space faring civilization. Willkommen auf der Battlestar Galactica Fan Club More importantly, a robotic warship could easily do the most important job of any soldier, which would be much more difficult for humans in space: waiting around. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). You can see some of these problems appear – to a lesser extent – in WW2 Japanese carrier design, which frequently featured paired, stacked hanger decks (one above the other). The largest concentration of firepower is in the dorsal gun turrets (on the upper-side of the ship), in two sets of four double-turrets arranged in squares, though the heaviest guns are the front-mounted turrets, slung underneath the ship’s bow in a pair of double-turrets. The main problem which Sherman faced was that it was initially deployed in Normandy, and even later on it was almost always on the attack – which is a major disadvantage. It is quite clear in the series that Colonial Fleet doctrine is to close into range of the heavy conventional batteries and then batter enemy ships into submission – indeed, the combat air group a battlestar carries is very poorly adapted to engage capital ships by itself, as it features no dedicated bomber (the Raptor can do the job, but is really a repurposed scout ship, not a bombing specialist). Selamat datang di Battlestar Galactica Fan Club "There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. Nor was it an issue with flat cars which can have more axles added easily to support more weight and rail tunnels can be widened or gone around. (As an aside: one thing Galactica keeps from the pre-dreadnought era is the use of casemates. On the note of design – the General Offensive Units from the Culture by Banks were designed on a concept of ‘weapon blisters’ that were clustered so that all could fire past each other forward. I suspect that the gun positions here were arrived at for cinematic reasons, of course. Certainly, it leaves no room for hot-shot viper pilots, but what I find interesting about these possible real-world cylons is that, despite being robots, they turn space warfare into a battle of wills: the goal is not to destroy your spaceborne robotic enemy, but make the human enemy controlling it believe you will destroy THEM. This bit of design silliness is by no means limited to Battlestar Galactica. 太空堡壘的粉絲俱樂部 Добродошли у Баттлестар Галацтица фан клуб But there’s no reason to assume that asymmetric threats will exist in space in any form like they did on the seas of the 20th century. They were actually easy to repair and given the constant fighting they were in, its a miracle that they maintained 50% serviceability even in the heaviest of fighting under the total air supremacy of the Allies and their constant road marches. Napište nám, Server hosting zajišťuje VSHosting s.r.o. And you'll know when it's out, when it's on the store page and they make the announcement that it's out. მოგესალმებით Battlestar Galactica კლუბი Cylons might be excellent for this, too: the idea of unfeeling, merciless space robots bearing down on your planet with WMDs is likely enough to make any Galatic Emporer sweat. Don't see "last week of.." Had I been in charge, I would have cut the Tank Park to 3,000 Tanks and 7,000 other AFVs, massively increased truck production and spares, produced massive amounts of radios, gotten units proper logistical supporting units and mechanics to produce a well balanced force that is more maneuverable and capable of sustaining high intensity combat without losing large numbers of men. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Dreadnought cannot face all of her guns in any direction – of the five turrets, only four can fire to port or starboard (the two wing turrets being the problem here), only one turret can fire directly aft (due to the placement of the rear tower). Re primary/secondary/tertiary, the issue I was raising wasn’t that your terminology was wrong so much as that the way secondary batteries worked was very different back then. "KEEPING THE FAITH ALIVE" in his memory... Added by Shawn O'Donnell A nakonec to nejdůležitější - postavy se neustále vyvíjejí a stále jsou všechno, jen ne předvídatelné.

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