09 Nov 2020

citrix windows login prompt when launching published resources

On the StoreFront Server and select Authentication->Add /Remove Methods. Support agent about simple For domain pass-through, use sson and for pass-through with smart card authentication, set the argument to smartcard_sson. try again Under Web sessions there is a checkbox for "Auto launch desktop" On the Authentication page, select Windows Authentication. Previously I was using version of Windows 1607, recently Microsoft made update with the latest Windows version 1703, I have updated it successfully and I had no issue to log in the PC. 3. engineer for assistance with troubleshooting complex Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 has a list of arguably smart features, however there are several issues that constantly pop-up and prevent Citrix Receiver from launching in Windows 10. try again When click File access, users can choose the way that they want to use to access files on the computer. Failed I usually apply settings for Citrix Receiver using GPO and applying them to user level. However, the password is encrypted. Once installation is done , reboot the machine and check the following in task manager of endpoint : Go to processes–>select columns–>check command line and see if the command line for ssonsvr.exe shows /HTC:random number. Until now! 2. Single Sign-On worked partly with automatic login to the StoreFront desktop/application view, but whenever they tried to start a new session the users faced a Windows login prompt. Get called back by an Copyright © 2015-2020 Xenit AB | Kungstorget 7, 411 17 Göteborg | +46 10 707 35 00 | [email protected] c. Select Enable pass-through authentication. Enable the following local computer GPO settings (on the user’s local machine and/or in the VDA desktop golden image): Use Registry Editor at your own risk. Tpe Set-BrokerSite -TrustRequestsSentToTheXmlServicePort $True, and press Enter. For instance, launching Citrix with the regular domain user account fails to launch the desktops and applications. 1. Anyone know why this is happening? Support agent about simple –ResourcesVirtualPath storepath –LogonMethod {prompt | sson | smartcard_sson}. Replace storepath with the relative path to the store in IIS, for example, /Citrix/Store. The problem was immediately solved by applying Citrix Receiver settings to the computer level instead. Thank you! Lately some customers reported they didn’t get Single Sign-On all the way into the desktop when logging in via the browser to StoreFront. For me it works, I can open the app just fine. The setting is under the receiver for web site on storefront. Under Web sessions there is a checkbox for "Auto launch desktop". Can this be done using the Receiver for Windows?

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