09 Nov 2020

engineering drawing tutorial

Usually smaller details are drawn larger to enable a draftsman to include dimensions and notes and larger assemblies are drawn in a smaller scale to show the “bigger picture”. border:1px solid transparent !important; ii) Exercises Have a look at some of these tutorials here. Uncategorized / By Engineering Drawing Basics When representing assemblies or parts, it is often necessary to draw the assemblies or parts larger or smaller. Course Content #wpsm_accordion_56 .ac_open_cl_icon{ b) Importance of Engineering Drawing i) Introduction d) Projections of Solids a) Projections of Points Learn Engineering Drawing Online Course is designed to suit Engineering Students or Diploma Students whose curriculum includes Engineering Drawing or Engineering Graphics. i) Introduction These standard scales are preferred on drawings, but the draftsman may deviate from these scales (metric drawings). 4. ii) Exercises color:#000000 !important; display:block; Microsoft PowerPoint - MEM201 L6-Tolerance_RC, Download Engineering drawing tutorial ppt, Read Online Engineering drawing tutorial ppt, American cinematographer manual 10th edition pdf. When representing assemblies or parts, it is often necessary to draw the assemblies or parts larger or smaller. d) Projections of Solids The scales used can either be indicated as part of the border of the drawing or as part of the detail heading. Auxillary View/True Shape. ii) Exercises Download >> Download Engineering drawing tutorial ppt Read Online >> Read Online Engineering drawing tutorial ppt, ME 111: Engineering Drawing Lecture 2 Drawing an arc tangent to a given point on the line Steps Microsoft PowerPoint Engineering Drawing Tutorial Ppt PDF Online Free. #wpsm_accordion_56 .ac_title_class{ a) Introduction ii) Exercises, a) What is Engineering Drawing color: #000000 !important; 1. b) Projections of Straight Lines Development Of Surfaces iv) Scale factor e) Comparative Scales   Hi, I'm Piet and has been a Mechanical Draftsman in the Petrochemical environment since 2008. color: #000000 !important; display: block; It is very important to know how to read and create drawings. b) Types Of Scales iii) Third angle projection 9. ii) Exercises ii) Exercises, a) Introduction a) What is Engineering Drawing h) Single and Double Helix i) Introduction Engineering Drawing WELCOME TO. hrs ) Prerequisite: None 3. ii) Exercises Main objective of this online course is to understand the Engineering Drawing Subject in a simple way. Use of 2H Pencil, H Pencil and HB Pencil. Engineering Drawing Tutorial Ppt PDF Online Free bring the positive think in the future?. There are standard scales that are being used on drawings. 10. g) Helical Surfaces i) Cycloid iv) Scale factor iii) Hyperbola float:right !important; From Beginner to Expert – Mastering Your Craft, Ishikawa Diagram – A Systematic and Visual Approach to Problem Solving, Pareto Analysis – Using the 80-20 Rule to Solve a Problem, Define the Problem – Boston Molasses Disaster. Because engineering drawings are so crucial to creating a product and holding all stakeholders in the supply chain accountable it is important to understand the rules of this communication tool, that means understanding what should be included in the engineering drawings (how to read a blueprint) as well as how to clarify how to inspect a component so that all parties are … e) Draughting Tools, a) Introduction 8. Together we can become better draftsman that add more value to our clients. ii) Exercises #wpsm_accordion_56 .wpsm_panel-default > .wpsm_panel-heading{ 1.7K likes. c) Plain Scales You must have stationery such as Mini-drafter, pencils and erasers etc. ii) Epi-Cycloid Designed by Guzabo Digital Services | Copyright 2019 The Engineer's Reference.   I) Spiral   #wpsm_accordion_56 .wpsm_panel + .wpsm_panel { i) Introduction overflow:hidden; If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Yes, you got it right, you just need to follow the instructor and draw simultaneously with him. ii) Exercises d) Diagonal Scales Special Curves - Involutes,Cycloid, EpiCycloid and HypoCycloid. ii) Exercises Whatever area you will ... * During the tutorial period of week # 8, the midterm test will be carried - PowerPoint presentation, - Material available on course website, Lecture to be done on board/screen. The selection is dependent on the following factors:The size of the sheet availableThe overall size of the part/assembly that must be drawnThe number of views that must be included on the drawingThe amount of details that must be shown andThe type of details that must be indicated. #wpsm_accordion_56 { float: none; g) Helical Surfaces First , we need to establish what a 1:1 or 1:5 scale means. font-family: Verdana !important; i) Full Size Scale Special Curves - Involutes,Cycloid, EpiCycloid and HypoCycloid. Use of 2H Pencil, H Pencil and HB Pencil. i) Introduction padding-right: 15px !important; } Engineering Drawing Tutorial Ppt PDF Online Free bring the positive think in the future?. f) Involute This curriculum is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Please see the Autodesk Creative Commons FAQ for more information. iii) Enlarging Scale i) Introduction b) Importance of Engineering Drawing ii) Ellipse Explore these manual technical drawing exercises and advance your skills by creating the 3D models and 2D drawings in SOLIDWORKS®. Draw sectional view at A-A. BASIC ENGINEERING DRAWING AND COMMUNICATION Inquiries, Suggestions, Opinions etc should be forwarded to: Dr. Ballegu W R W or Dr. Mpagalile J J Department of Food Science and Technology Sokoine University of Agriculture P O Box 3006, Chuo Kikuu Morogoro, TANZANIA Ext 4201 or 3112.

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