09 Nov 2020

hms implacable ww2 crew list

MARINE Served from 1949 - 1951 Served in HMS Implacable. Crew loading an Avenger plane with smoke bombs for practice attacks on the fleet. Crew lists from the Second World War 1939-45 and from before 1861 (where they have survived) are at the National Archives. Ken Hibberd. Two sequences of index books, covering the years 1892-1912 and 1913-1923, are available at the end of the series. Crew lists from Ships hit by U-boats. Each agreement lists all the crew, their rank or rating, their address, rate of pay and dates of joining and leaving the ship. Individual service numbers from 1-165,000 are contained in the first 244 volumes with indexes to individual surnames in a further 23 volumes. Regards see if he remembers anybody there. This section includes over 21.000 Allied Warships and over 11.000 Allied Commanders of WWII, from the US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, The Polish Navy and others. The bomb(s) exploded inside the mine sweeper, causing fire and it started sinking. She believes it was a night time landing. Find out how you can use this. Arthur Dagger. However, individual seafarers normally had to sign the agreement. Ships of the 3rd Battle Cruiser Squadron. The service particulars in pieces 9-82, from service number 42922, are continued in eight Continuation of Service volumes, pieces, 83-90. Questions The covering dates for the series relate to the opening of the registers continue for many years according to the length of the service of each seaman. There are five people who have talked on the message board of their relations being Air Mechanics - Nos. One of the first was at "Hango Head" in 1808-9. Chris Powell, Bristol UK Copyright 2015, National Maritime Museum. John Hall. The sub took the mine sweeper in tow but then a new attack started - this time by 18 aircrafts. The [...] symbol is used when the volunteer transcriber could not read the hand writing in the original crew list. Enter the tag you would like to associate with this record and click 'Add tag'. Operational task of Implacable - that of harassing German coastal shipping from Trondheim - Tromso? Search for a crew member in Ships Crew List Documents from 1915.You don't need to fill in all the fields. He died in july 1990, does anyone remember him? It gives details of over 439,000 Royal Navy and Merchant Seamen records which are searchable by name, rank, age and ship. Two days later (Sunday) heavy bombers from Shetland (Halifax and Liberators) tried to bomb the wreck but were not successful. Hoping that you can help in some way. Please explain why you think this tag is inappropriate: Your details. I don´t know if he got any, but anyway we were treated with a personal guided tour of the carrier by this very polite officer.

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