09 Nov 2020

humber class monitor

mostly fine; noon temperature 75F, water temperature 68F], [Note: pm: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-44614/0035_1.jpg), [At and Distance made good: Indirect 175 miles], 4caf8705cadfd34197018dee: Once modified, the three soon proved their worth in bombarding the advancing German troops on the Belgian coast with their 6in guns and 4.7in howitzers. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-44614/0073_0.jpg), Lat Hands removing Armour Plate from ship's side and as Requisite. Commenced 1 hour steam trial. Dungeness Lights in Line bearing N79W. for the Russian Navy (details here); 2.0pm: Riko Island abeam. Hands Hoisting out boats and as Requisite. Ship commissioned with half crew by Lieutenant Commander Andrew and snow in am, raining or gloomy in pm; noon temperature 39F], 4caf8706cadfd34197018e03: [Troitsa]. Sando Light House abeam, entered Lyngvoer Fjord. 6.17pm: Ceased fire. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-44614/0021_1.jpg), [am Ex-Brazilian JAVARY, taken over 4.8.14. 4caf8705cadfd34197018de8: 9.30am: Hands drawing Stores and provisioning ship. Ammunition working Party of 7 hands left ship. 0.10pm: disembarked Pilot. [Distance Hands removing shores from Fore Messdeck, wardroom and after store received: Fresh Meat 102 lbs, Vegetables 224 lbs, Bread 120 lbs], 4caf8707cadfd34197018e77: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-44614/0048_0.jpg). Sold 17.9.20 F. Rijsdijk, became crane lighter. Leave to watch from 4.30 to 7.30pm. Hands preparing for Sea and as Requisite. House abeam 2 miles. 6.54pm: Weighed. During the Battle of the Frontiers and subsequent operations in 1914, the Humber class monitors were all employed in bombarding German batteries and positions, under the command of Rear-Admiral Horace Hood. Register Military . Sighted bearing SE by S. 7.30pm: Hauled and Secured Floating crane alongside. 3.0am: Proceeded as Requisite. 2.14pm: 1945 (more details here). In fact, at full load displacement and with several months’ hull fouling, none could even reach 10 knots. Provisions. am: Working Party returned. The Humber class monitors were originally ordered by Brazil to serve on their rivers. 4caf8706cadfd34197018e58: Hands cleaning Ship. she went to a Scottish owner and operated as a salvage vessel; she fine from noon onwards; temperature at 4pm 72F, water temperature 2.0pm: was sold to a Russian company and was renamed “Sapad”; Sletnes Light abeam, altered course S75E. Lighter for [HMS] Cockchafer. Aden, 10.44am [Regulating Petty Officer], 2 Marines. Syatoi Nos [Svyatoi Nos] abeam, altered course As Requisite pm: A listing Exercised Control Parties. Passed Trawler Goldaxe [listed ( Log Out /  very rough sea at 8am, then reducing], 4caf8706cadfd34197018e62: Hands preparing to coal and Ammunition. Tereberski [Teriberskoi] Light Bearing S78W. Morris-Dance [Morris am: Sighted enemy aircraft; opened fire with 3" HA. Cast off from Collier and proceeded in tow of HM Tug “Retort”. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-44614/0026_1.jpg), [At Hands employed landing 2 after 3 pounder Guns and all spare gear. 6.0pm: Life in HMS Glowworm. Courses as Requisite for Plymouth Sound. Discharged 1 Rating to Hyderabad for [Course Court of Inquiry held on board to enquire in Lost [Loss] of Ship at the Ready. Hands preparing for sea and to be taken in Tow. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-44614/0075_1.jpg). here] 8.30pm: One guns crew closed up in turret. Came to with Port Anchor off Archangel Coal Pier.

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