09 Nov 2020

largest earthquake in pennsylvania

The 5.2-magnitude earthquake caused minor structural damage but had significant effects on the local groundwater system. at 00:42 January 16, 1994 UTC, Location: (1.2 miles). This 1998 quake was centered in Pymatuning, Mercer County, and had a magnitude of 5.2. at 01:49 January 16, 1994 UTC, Location: Epicenter at 39.921, -76.355 (6.2 miles), 1994-01-16 01:49:16 UTC Where was the largest earthquake in Pennsylvania? The 1998 Pymatuning earthquake occurred in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania on September 25 at 19:52 UTC. The largest earthquake in Pennsylvania, United States: this year: 2.6 in Madison , Ohio , United States. (1.2 miles), 1994-01-16 00:42:43 UTC In 1998, the largest earthquake ever recorded in Pennsylvania occurred in the region of Pymatuning Lake in the northwestern part of the state. 2.2 km from 10.2 km from The largest earthquake in Pennsylvania, United States: this year: 2.9 in Blairsville , Pennsylvania , United States Sorted: Recent Epicenter at 39.205, -75.421 No Filter. Biggest Quakes. at 21:47 November 30, 2017 UTC, Location: Sinking Spring 0.2 km from 2.2 km from at 01:36 April 23, 1984 UTC, Location: Dover 10.2 km from Epicenter at 41.495, -80.388 The largest earthquake in Pennsylvania, United States: this year: 2.9 in Blairsville , Pennsylvania , United States Sorted: Biggest That was a 5.2 magnitude event. 1 earthquake in the past 365 days The largest earthquake in Blairsville: this month: 2.9 in Blairsville , Pennsylvania , United States (6.2 miles), 1998-09-25 19:52:52 UTC Epicenter at 40.33, -76.037 Conestoga Sinking Spring 1.2 km from Willow Grove (1.2 miles) Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania. 1980-03-05 17:06:54 UTC at 17:06. Filtered: 4.0+ mag. With a magnitude of 5.2 mbLg, it was the largest recorded earthquake in Pennsylvania's history. Greenville 2017-11-30 21:47:31 UTC Recent Quakes. When you get to magnitude 4 and 5 events, they can be felt, and they have potential to cause damage to structures, so we need to better understand those zones of seismicity. Sorted: Recent. H. 1980-03-05 17:06:54 UTC 3.5 magnitude, 5 km depth. The largest earthquake yet recorded in Pennsylvania was the Pymatuning earthquake of 1998, just south of Erie. at 19:52 September 25, 1998 UTC, Location: Depth: 5 km. (0.2 miles), 1984-04-23 01:36:00 UTC Epicenter at 40.327, -76.007 Subscribe to ad-free EarthquakeTrack Plus for the best earthquake tracking experience plus additional features and subscriber-only perks. Maple Glen , Pennsylvania , United States. 3.5 magnitude earthquake.

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