09 Nov 2020

number six battlestar galactica personality

An overseer Six is present at the "farm" where Thrace is taken after she is found by the Cylons after being left behind by the resistance during an ambush. The two kiss, and are interrupted by Virtual Six and Virtual Baltar who both can see. By the time of the events of "Pegasus", Gina appears to be catatonic from the severe trauma of her abuse. These objections resulted in her being shot in the head by fellow Cylon, Aaron Doral. She was also instrumental in rescuing an inexplicably sick Hera from the Basestar. The Cavil suggests she kill the body she's in and get a new one to prevent having to die in the attack, suggesting poison (TRS: "The Plan"). Baltar's popularity increases as a result. While some of her advice appears to benefit humanity, for example, pointing out a Cylon device to Baltar on Galactica and helping him build a Cylon detector, it more often serves only Baltar's needs, and she expresses enjoyment over what she considers the inevitable extinction of the human race, constantly saying humanity is naturally violent and would have destroyed itself without the Cylons' intervention. Caprica-Six is reborn into a new body and is hailed as a "Hero of the Cylon", with an unexpected side-effect. Gina manages to get her hands on a gun, but hesitates to shoot Cain, indicating that Gina's relationship with Cain was not an act. Roslin, Agathon, and Caprica-Six are searching the lobby of the Opera House for Hera. While Six can physically interact with Baltar in his imagination, it is for most of the series unclear if she is able to physically affect him in the real world — this is finally resolved in the episode "Escape Velocity", where Head Six is shown lifting Baltar from the floor to a standing position after he endured repeated blows from a Galactica marine. In this situation, she is frequently used as a source of information about and means of understanding the Cylon's motivations. After this she participated in the Battle of The Colony and settled New Earth with Baltar. A distinct copy derived from Caprica Six residing in Baltar's head since the destruction of the colonies, "Head Six" appears as a figment of his imagination, invisible to everyone else. Battlestar Galactica Title card of the re imagined television series Creator …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Caprica makes a deal with Roslin: give Baltar a trial, and Caprica will tell the Fleet everything she knows. A dark-blonde Six with a working-class/"knuckle-dragger" demeanor (or, at least, a learned demeanor) gets into a heated argument with one of Galactica's maintenance crew and has to be physically restrained by a Number Eight; soon after, however, this Six sacrifices her life to save the human from a breach (Islanded in a Stream of Stars). Once the Resurrection Ship has been destroyed, Gina kills her guard and begs Baltar to kill her. She later has a sexual relationship with Cavil, and gives him a sarcastic rundown of their fellows' failures. Caprica-Six helps Agathon and child escape to Galactica. She is the first humanoid Cylon that viewers witness in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. She was a Number Six who was in Galactica after the Cylon attack. In discussions of the final episode, Moore also calls this version Inner Six who, along with Inner Baltar, are "... messenger(s) of a higher power"[7], reinforcing the variations "Head Six", "Inner Six" and "Messenger Six" (or Head/Inner/Messenger Baltar) used by fans to describe these characters. A copy of Number Six poses as a systems analyst assigned to the battlestar Pegasus, and enters into a romantic relationship with Admiral Helena Cain. She is subsequently shot by the Caprica copy of Sharon Valerii (TRS: "33"). While this briefly leads Baltar to think he has truly gone insane, he concludes this is impossible, given Six's knowledge of events unknown to him (for example, the prediction of the birth of the Human/Cylon Hybrid to Sharon Agathon while a prisoner aboard Galactica). Special Projects Overseer Her reunion with the real Baltar, however, shatters her illusions about her former pawn, as Baltar impotently allows the Cylons to bully him into enacting their oppressive tyranny upon New Caprica. For specific versions, see Battlestar Galactica (disambiguation). Throughout their four months stay there, they fall victim to various different attacks from the resistance movement. Most versions of Six have platinum-blonde hair, including Caprica-Six, Shelly Godfrey and Sonja. Colonel Saul Tigh begins to make more frequent stops to her cell, questioning her about what it's like to exist as a Cylon. They are excited at the prospect of discovering the Final Five and vote with the Twos and Sixes against the lobotomization of the Cylon Raiders. It is almost always performed on a gamelan, and also plays over the introduction to each episode of the series. Caprica is also the only Cylon who attempts to befriend Baltar's aides, such as Felix Gaeta. A reincarnation of Baltar's Six (named Caprica Six by the others) committed the first incident of Cylon-on-Cylon violence in their history killing a Number Three with a rock in order to save the life of Samuel Anders, who himself was later discovered to be a Cylon. Allowed by the Caprica Cavil, Caprica Six and Sharon then begin preaching peace with the humans as the way of God. In her brief appearances in the first part of season 4, Baltar begins to refer to her as an angel. She joins the rescue mission for Hera and is finally proud of Baltar, something she had always wanted and feels was the one thing missing between the two of them. Upon arriving at Earth, Caprica-Six is released from captivity, as a beneficiary of the general amnesty granted by President Adama to the "final four" Cylons. Another Number Six in this role boards Pegasus from a Heavy Raider along with a group of Centurions during Pegasus's attack on a Cylon communications relay. It should also be noted that Caprica Six has a "Head Baltar" which only she sees similar to how Baltar has a "Head Six" that only he can see; Head Baltar serves as a sort of conscience for Caprica Six, but also an advisor in times of trouble or danger, much the same role that Head Six plays for Baltar. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lida approaches Gaius, initially misinterpreting his feelings of guilt (among the first he's ever shown) for leaving his flock behind as an injury; later, they sleep together. As her appearance coincided with the temporary disappearance of Head Six, it is often wondered (and indeed voiced by Baltar himself) whether she was a physical manifestation of Head Six posing in a dual identity. Number Six is a family of fictional characters from the reimagined science fiction television series, Battlestar Galactica.She is portrayed by Canadian actress and model Tricia Helfer.Of the twelve known Cylon models, she is the sixth of the seven that were created and numbered by the Final Five. [1] Virtual Six's claim that a child would be born in Agathon's cell (TRS: "Home, Part II"), gains a new dimension in light of this development. Just over a year after the human colonization of New Caprica, Caprica-Six is one of the leaders (with Boomer-Eight and a copy of Number Five) of the Cylon forces that meets now-President Baltar. She is later seen at a meeting of the new Quorum of Ships' Captains, representing the rebel Basestar, as they discuss the impending transfer of Admiral William Adama's command from the aging Galactica to the Basestar (TRS: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"). By the time of the events of "Pegasus", Gina appears to be catatonic from the severe trauma of her abuse. Number Three | Number Four | Number Five | Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo | Paulla Schaffer | Diana Seelix | Tom Zarek, Earth Cylon Centurion | U-87 Cyber Combat Unit | Civilian Cylons | Cylon War-era Centurion | Cylon Centurion, Thirteenth Tribe/Final Five: Samuel Anders | Tory Foster | Ellen Tigh | Saul Tigh | Galen Tyrol, Significant Eight: Number One | Number Two | Number Three | Number FourNumber Five | Number Six | Number Seven | Number Eight, The Colony | Basestar | Raider | Heavy Raider | Freighter | Reconnaissance Drone Hybrid | First Hybrid | Resurrection Ship | Resurrection Hub, From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide. Several notable versions have had more prominent roles: At the beginning of the miniseries, a Six copy[4] is involved in an intense sexual affair with Dr. Gaius Baltar. Despite attempts at therapy after her resurrection, this Six bears lasting emotional trauma as a result. Doctor Cottle also holds Natalie's hand as she dies in an act of kindness for the mortally wounded woman. She refuses stating that she has changed but he hasn't. See also Numbuh 6 …   Wikipedia, Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series) — Battlestar Galactica Genre Serial drama Military science fiction Space opera Created by …   Wikipedia, Six Degrees of Separation (Battlestar Galactica) — Infobox Television episode Title = Six Degrees of Separation Caption = Baltar locked up Series = Battlestar Galactica Season = 1 Episode = 7 Airdate = UK: November 29, 2004 US: February 18, 2005 Production = 107 Writer = Michael Angeli Director …   Wikipedia, Number Six (The Prisoner) — Number Six is the central fictional character in the 1960s television series The Prisoner, played by Patrick McGoohan. Later, on Cavil's bed, the other Six also notes her sister's complete destruction of the Sixes' cover and her utter failure to discredit Baltar and "his dreamy hair". No Title [[|250px]] Promotional still of Number Six in season four No Title No information Number Six is a family of fictional characters from the reimagined science fiction television series, Battlestar Galactica. A copy named Sonja who has been elected to represent the Cylons in the Quorum. [8]) This Number Six gains the confidence of Rear Admiral Cain with whom she has a romantic relationship, and then-Lieutenant Kendra Shaw, who gives Gina the administrator codes for the Pegasus mainframe. She assists in Athena's download and witnesses the obvious bond between Athena and Hera. [9]) This Number Six gains the confidence of Rear Admiral Helena Cain, with whom she has a romantic relationship, and then-Lieutenant Kendra Shaw, who gives Gina the administrator codes for the Pegasus mainframe. The 9/8 figure is divided unevenly into a group of 3 notes, followed by 3 groups of 2. Gina helped prep Boomer for her upcoming transition to a sleeper agent and provided IT support for her cover identity. This Head Baltar, has also appeared at least once to Baltar himself. Six uses her body to shield Baltar from a blast during the attack, saving his life and sacrificing hers.[5]. She had been a prostitute on the Colonies, and eventually drunkenly mocks John Cavil's schemes while sharing a bed with him, following the not-quite-fatal shooting of Commander Adama by Cylon sleeper agent Boomer and the suicide of their fellow infiltrator Simon O'Neill, a Number Four.

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