09 Nov 2020

prana stretch zion straight

Please try again later. These retail for ~$89 at REI, but can occasionally be found for $60-70 at backcountry.com. Until then, outdoor lovers had little in the way of pants that were rugged enough to handle the outdoors. from CO, United States from IA, United States Because from the road to the crag to post-climbing beers, our bestselling men's Stretch Zion Pant helps you flow through the day with ease. Description A Mesh Inner turns the 2Midable into a bug-free, comfortable retreat while maintaining versatility and storage space. : +1-435-213-1125 Since the incident I've upgraded to a pair of prAna's new Stretch Zion Straight pants. Store: Aaron, ABN 24 001 041 489, Site by Leafcutter - Digital Agency Sydney. We saw a need and we met it. I’d recommend getting TX Direct Spray and spraying them every once in a while to restore the DWR coating. prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Men's, Cargo Green, 36 Waist, Regular Inseam, M43183227-CAGR-36 10 of 33 images prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Charcoal, 28 Waist, Long Inseam, M43183427-CHR-28 What is the short inseam length for 28in waist size? by The prAna Stretch Zion Straight is cut from our original Stretch ‘Zion’ fabric with a DWR finish. Unfortunately prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Men's is no longer carried by CampSaver.You can also explore other items in the Men's Apparel & Clothing, Men's Pants, Men's Casual Pants yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! Description Keiths 2 piece pot and pan set is the perfect addition to your ultralight setup. I’ve worn these daily for about 6 months with no signs of wear. For orders under $100 shipping & handling incurs a flat rate fee of $15. from UT, United States I have a couple of rock pants but they both have holes in them from climbing while Prana pairs don't have any. Description The new generation of running packs is here, and Salomon are at the forefront of things, as usual. It’s been more than 20 years since prAna changed the adventure and travel-wear world when we released our iconic Stretch Zion line. New from prAna for 2019 are the Straights, a new, slimmer-leg cut of the classic Stretch Zion... Sign up for emails to get our latest style news before everybody else. We do not offer refunds for change of mind on sale items so please choose carefully. Trek & Travel, 447 Kent Street At Trek & Travel we sell the very best brands and we want you to be happy with your purchase. 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM MST Monday-Saturday, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Men's, Cargo Green, 32 Waist, Short Inseam, M43183027-CAGR-32, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Mud, 28 Waist, Long Inseam, M43183427-MUD-28, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Slate Green, 30, 32in, M43183227-SLGR-30, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Sepia, 34, 30in, M43183027-SEP-34, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Black, 30, 30in, M43183027-BLK-30, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant, Nori Green, 30 Waist, Short Inseam, M43183027 -340-30, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Aloe, 34 Waist, Short Inseam, M43183027-ALO-34, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Bronzed, 30 Waist, Long Inseam, M43183427-BRZD-30, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Men's, Cargo Green, 36 Waist, Regular Inseam, M43183227-CAGR-36, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Charcoal, 28 Waist, Long Inseam, M43183427-CHR-28, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Maple, 32 Waist, Regular Inseam, M43183227-MAP-32, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Gravel Camo, 36, 30in, M43183027-GVCA-36, prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Mens, Cargo Green, 38 Waist, Regular Inseam, M43183227-CAGR-38, Customer Reviews for prAna Stretch Zion Straight Pant - Men's, by 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM MST Monday-Friday Gear Expert, I wear these to work and climbing gym everyday. Gear Expert, Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! Add at least two items to compare All Reviews. Updated on April 14, 2020. November 26, 2019, Answered by Free postal returns within 14 days. It's named after our bestselling performance fabric, which means it’s as strong and comfortable as can be. You need to contact us within 14 days of receiving your order, and if the problem cannot be fixed over the phone we will email you a pre-paid post label or for subsequent returns suggest the safest and cheapest way to send items back. I love these pants. They fit very good. prAna Woodman Lightweight Flannel Shirt - Men's, Answered by For peace of mind we offer free, once-only, return postage on online sales via eParcel. Be the first to ask a question about this. Technical Zion fabric provides durability and quick-drying performance, the straight leg lends casual style, and 4-way stretch constructions ensures freedom of movement wherever you roam. Upon receiving the returned goods in an 'as new' condition, including any original packaging, Trek & Travel will issue the Exchange or Refund. Keep up to date with us on all our social channels. Description New from prAna for 2019 are the Straights, a new, slimmer-leg cut of the classic Stretch Zion Pants, their best selling men's trouser. These are much more fitting than the regular stretch zions. Then again I usually camp in the winter and rarely wear pants in the spring/summer. Have owned a few pairs of these pants over the last few years and absolutely love them. For subsequent returns send the package via courier or registered post. The Prana Men's Stretch Zion Straight Pant is as versatile as your favorite pair of blue jeans, but (probably) twice as stretchy. The Zions will weather anything from that nippy morning at the crag to Friday after work drinks. Pop, Also, we do not offer free return postage on sale items. The customer is responsible for any damage that occurs due to poor packaging. Updated on April 27, 2020. Please allow a maximum of 7-10 working days for delivery to metropolitan areas. Slimmer than the Zioneer pant but I like this one better. Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia Express postage, offered at checkout, is $10 extra. If you have any further enquiries or special requests, please contact us by email or by phoning 02 9261 3435. Kyle Peterson, Email: [email protected], Customer Service: T: (02) 9261 3435 Show. © Copyright 2020 Trek & Travel. Whereas the original Stretch Zion pants wear like flowy yoga pants, the straight-cut version feel svelte and stylish. (Subject to availability). Something new, yet reliable. February 2, 2019, prAna Miki Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt - Men's, prAna Granger Long Sleeve - Tailored -Men's, prAna Asylum Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt - Men's, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CAGR-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CAGR-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-GVCA-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MAP-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CAGR-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BLK-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MAP-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-340-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MAP-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-GVCA-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SEP-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SLGR-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BLK-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-SEP-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MAP-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SLGR-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-ALO-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-GVCA-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MAP-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MAP-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-340-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BLK-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-340-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-ALO-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-ALO-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-SEP-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-340-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-GVCA-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SEP-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BLK-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-SEP-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-GVCA-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BLK-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BLK-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SLGR-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-ALO-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SEP-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BLK-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BLK-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-GVCA-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-ALO-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-ALO-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-GVCA-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BLK-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-SEP-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SEP-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-340-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-340-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BLK-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-340-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CAGR-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CAGR-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CAGR-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CAGR-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CAGR-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CAGR-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CAGR-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CAGR-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CAGR-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MAP-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-ALO-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SEP-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-GVCA-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-340-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-GVCA-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SLGR-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MAP-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-ALO-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CAGR-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-35, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MAP-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-CHR-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-ALO-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-33, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-BRZD-42, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-31, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BRZD-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-38, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-ALO-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-MUD-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-BRZD-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43182827-CHR-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-SLGR-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-28, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-CHR-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-MUD-36, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183027-BLK-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43182827-CHR-34, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43182827-CHR-30, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183227-MUD-40, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43183427-CHR-32, , Code: Z56-PT-M43183027-M43182827-CHR-32.

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